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help me! please

randomdude789, Male, 33, USA, boston

Well there is a female and we agreed on "hooking up" ,but now I kind of don't want to go through with it anymore. I don't really have a reason there is something holding me back and I don't know what it is. if anyone can give me advice I will greatly appreciate it. thank you.

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randomdude789, Male, 33, USA, boston 8-2-2008
That's exactly what I want...A real Girl...not just some random chick who wants to have sex and nothing go look forward to except some more sex...

RABBITRICKY, Female, 50, USA, MESA 30-1-2008
look maybe your growing up and just dont want this kind of sex anymore. i mean i realize that a hook up can be nice but lets face it, it can kinda be a real drag to just hump like dogs and know that there is nothing there at all. i would focus on finding a real women that wants a relationship. maybe thats what you really want but you dont want to admit it. good luck

abigail, Female, 59, USA, Galt 7-1-2008
Maybe you are not into her as much as you first thought, Usually if there is doubt in your mind it isnt ment to be.

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