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i lie ..

daydreamer, Female, 32, Canada, Toronto

i lie to people not big huge lies liek life changing lies but little ones to make me seem smarter to cooler ot whatever but i mean every little lie i tell starts to build up and then they become huge lies i'm not sure wht i do it .. i lie to people i really care about too but just strangers.

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iheartmusic, Female, 30, USA, Milwaukee 24-2-2009
I am in the same exact situation. And I dont know what to do. they just slip out. and they arent even really amazing lies. just little stupid ones that are hard to keep up with. just know that i am here for you. because i too, lie. a lot. all the time.

Cranky, Female, 46, USA, Bull 27-2-2008
You should quit while your ahead. You may think you are impressing people when they actually know you are telling untruths. Then your making yourself look far from cool.

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