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Love Confession

I Can't Help It...

PGJ08, Female, 60, United Kingdom, Bradford

I love him...with all my heart and soul. From the first moment I met him I knew that there was this spark between us and after a year, I found out that he felt exactly the same. The only problem is...he's my best friend! We made love for the first time a year ago, we met secretly and sat just holding hands and then after 4 meetings nothing, we went back to just being friends...or so I thought until a phone call 2 weeks ago which turned my world upside down and inside out.
We met up again and he confessed to having to force himself to stay away from me. And so it began again. We met this last week and he watched as I masturbated in his car, it was such a turn on and afterwards we sat just holding one another. He told me that he wanted to carry on seeing me and would call, he would never hurt or use me and he too had strong feelings for me. But its now 5 days ago and no call...maybe I'm readign too much into it, I mean they're a busy family and he's going to cal eventually but at the moment I feel in limbo. I love him so much that it hurts and I can't tell anyone for fear of it getting back to my friend!

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Daydreamer2, Female, 48, USA, Columbus 25-9-2008
If your friend and this man don't have any children...maybe he needs to make a choice NOW, and leave for you. You can't keep doing this. I KNOW this because I am doing it myself. I have been an emotional mess for over 2 yrs. My husband thinks this guy is his friend. I've done stuff w/their family--his wife thinks I am such a wonderful person and really likes me. We both have children. I'm telling you this from experience--either HE leaves her for you if there are no children yet OR you NEED to walk away. You are NO best friend to this woman--think about that. WHAT if SHE was doing this to you?? How would YOU feel? There's a million other men out there for you--find one of them. It's SO easy to get wrapped up in all of this. TRUST ME--I KNOW. It all FEELS so right, and I think the excitement of doing something you shouldn't do makes you want this person more and more. Just like the other person said--get out of this now if this guy plans on staying married to your friend. And if HE could do this to the woman he loves w/her best friend,..imagine whaat kind of secrets he will keep from you. The guy I've been seeing moved. We both go to church and WANT to stop this. It's hard because there are so many feelings. It just keeps getting harder and harder as time goes on. YOU will be the one sitting around waiting for HIM as SHE gets to be with him all the time. It's going to drive you crazy to see the two of them together when YOU want to be with him. Do you really want to be the one to cause a divorce? Do you really want to be the one to ruin your "best friend's" life?? Think about it. I have children & the man I am seeing has children. That's the main reason he won't leave his wife---cuz he won't be able to be with his kids everyday if he leaves. As much as we feel we truly love each other--we would rip apart 2 homes and 2 families. We both have spouses that would NEVER in a million years expect this--I never thought I would do it either, but I did. Don't get caught up in the web of lies and all the emotional crap you WILL go through. There's another good man out there for you that isn't your best friend's husband. Good luck.

Jon, Male, 52, United Kingdom, London 31-1-2008
AS someone who had an affair with a colleagues wife for 2 years im now getting divorced and wish I had never laid eyes on her. Honestly walk away as it will only cause heart ache for everyone concerned

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