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laurenxo, Female, 29, USA, Cincinnati

I need help before I go crazy in my own body.
Why is it betraying me like this? My own body attacks itself. It attacks my mind, floods my thoughts, breaks my confidence.
These panic attacks you give yourself, body, hurt not only my social life but my mental/physical health. It's ruining me.
I need help.
Oh how badly I need help, I need to free my body from the slavery of panic disorder.
Lord, help me.
Somebody, help me..

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ian, Male, 55, United Kingdom, Hereford 14-2-2008
a) You're 17 which is a time of turmoil anyway. b) Get some therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy c) Don't be too worried, most neurosis go into remission on their own, you will probably just grow out of it, and it will fade away.

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