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Love Confession

is it love?

sad47, Male, 62, USA, boston

Is it love when just about all you think about is her and you can't sleep at night because you know you can never be together? And you cry too much thinking about the situation. Is it love when you feel weak when she's around and you think she can see your erection, even though your hiding it? Is it love when you miss like hell hearing her say I love you, but know she won't, because it's a bad situation? Is it love when you would give everything you have just to know what she is thinking, but she won't tell you, because it may make the situation worse? Then you cry more. I really hope it isn't, because the guilt is killing me. I miss her laugh. I think it's love. Damn.

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Comments By Other Users

MissCharmed, Female, 34, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
No it's not love. It's obsession. Believe me. I know.

lioness, Female, 48, South Africa, jhb 23-2-2008
Hi Sad47 Thank you for you comment about my confession - It means a lot to know that there are at least one person that understands... How do you deal with your situation - Because I am not dealing so well with mine... I fanatasize about him all the time, I can not stop thinking about him and it is all just getting too much for me. I know he wants me too, but with us both being married there is no chance - And I suppose it makes it harder (or easier) that he lives on the other side of the world... Do you see her everyday? I hope not, 'cause that will drive you out of your mind!! What is your main reason for not being able to be with her? Please let me know as I wish I had some advise for you to make it easier - But unfortunately what I did makes it even harder.... Lioness

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