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Love Confession

so hard to take anymore

koga777, Male, 32, USA, mackville

i love her so much i cry everyday because we cant be together im happy she is doing well i only wish i could be a bigger part of her life is it wrong to want to go to sleep because i dream of her every night i hold her feelings in much higher regard then i hold my own all she would have to say is dont talk to me anymore and i wouldnt it would hurt a lot but i would do it for her she is my love my one and only i only pray we can be together someday i pray that she relises just how much i care about her i have been in love with her for so long it hurts everyday to know she is with someone else i cant let go i love her i want to be there for her no matter what she has her faults everyone does but i accept her for who she is even if she has kids so young i want to be part of her family i want to wake up every morning and see her face is this wrong of me?even if it is i cant help how i feel maybe one day we will be together i only pray i have the streangth to hold out until then

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MissCharmed, Female, 34, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
It's nice to hear you hold her in such high regard. You respect her. You are sincere. Any woman's dream. Have you told her? Hold out man, God has a plan with everything


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