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Love Confession

Train wreck lovers

iheartmusic, Female, 32, USA, Milwaukee

I had this boyfriend. I guess you could say I asked him out. We lasted a good three months. But I had to break it off. He was clingy to the point it freaked me out. He called me 24/7 and invited himself places. Lets say, I would be having a girls day out, and he would just, show up. It was weird.

Around the time i was dating him, i met a boy. He happened to be my best friends step brother. we grew pretty close. There was a physical attraction, but NOTHING ever happened.

When i broke up with my boyfriend, my best friend, told him it was because i wanted her step brother. (i forgot to mention to SPECIFCALLY told me to say away from him, (her step)) So he was mad at me, and i still wanted to be friends even though we broke up.

Later i found out my best friend loved him. and they were flirtacious when i wasnt around (when we were dating). they started to 'go out' my ex and i never became friends because i guess iwas jealous.

i secretly broke them up. I hacked his myspace and messed it all up and messaged her acting as him. i broke them up my pretending to be him and lying. i feel guilty but, i guess you could say I hate them both.

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MissCharmed, Female, 34, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
Way to go! Revenge is sweet


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