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laninya, Female, 35, United Kingdom, la la land

I'm a 21 f I live wit my bf and have 2 kids just thought I shoul let ya no b4 I go on any ways I have allways checked out other girls but ever since I was in my teens didn't no y so 2 years ago iposted my# on my profile and started to get naked pix of other girls I liked wat I saw especially the BOOTY pix got excited and started to exchange nude fotos of my self whith them so now I allways think of women and have fantasys about them all the time what does this mean? Man I whish I had hooked up wit a girl b4 I moved in wit my man now its to late. So what do you think am I bi or wat cause I still love looking at nude women it gets me excited.

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Shifu, Female, 32, Canada, winnipeg 13-11-2008
I think you might be bi, but that isn't the point. If you truly feel that you really like girls then go to a gay bar and hook up. And after that you truly feel that your feelings are toward woman tell your boyfriend and i'm sure he'll understand.

AimAtSam, Male, 45, United Kingdom, London 17-4-2008
you feel it, you got to do it, you'll feel liberated

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