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I'm afraid

lilmisschaos, Female, 31, USA, Iowa

I have so many confessions. They would all make senses to no one. They don't even make sense to me. They would contradict each other. But I want to write them. But I'm afraid of no one believing me or thinking I'm a liar. Yes total strangers even! I should'nt care so much but I do. I feel so alone...

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Comments By Other Users

Shifu, Female, 32, Canada, winnipeg 13-11-2008
Go ahead and let it all out. if you need someone to talk to i'm always here for you.

lilly21, Female, 36, USA, los angeles 8-3-2008
Dont feel alone... we are all here to share our experiences and nobody here will judge you. This is a safe place to let that shit out.

lucinda, Female, 57, USA, boston 7-3-2008
Go ahead! I wrote mine. If felt better.

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