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Love Confession

Dear Beautylegs

BeautyB, Female, 44, Belgium, Uno

"And I meant, every word I said.
When I said that I love you I meant
That I love you forever."

I read your notes in 'Friendship'.

There was only one left with issues that friday. But it wasn't me. .

What I wanted at first, after that terrible Friday, was to thank you for trying so hard that night. 'Cause you really tried to cheer me up, to make it a good night. But you never gave me a chance to thank you. So here it is: Thank you!

It's just a pity everything got blown out of proportion weeks later. Especially because, for me, it had nothing to with it any more. I know I wasn't myself that night, but it had nothing to do with you. Like I said, I had no issues that friday.

I didn't mean to hurt you, but I understand you're shocked about my rage against the machine. What's written's far worse than what's said. That's just me, being angry. It blows over just as fast as it comes up. It's just one moment in time.

But by the time we got to a point of return, it was too late. I am sorry about that, but I did not have the energy to go through it all, again. 'Cause it wasn't the first time a thing like this happened, was it? It was bound to happen, we tried to avoid it for a whole year, but it was just meant to be, I guess. I just wished it wouldn't have been that definite as it is now. I would have liked to caught up with you every once and a while, just knowing you're alright, you're happy.

But that's just not the kind of friendship we shared. It was all or nothing. And in the end it I realised that staying friends costed more energy than just being friends. I guess you felt that too. So don't think I hate you, 'cause I most certainly do not. I treasure all the good times we had forever, and hope to forget about those last three weeks of silence.

Love you. Always.


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