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lillie, Female, 32, Greece, cyprus 29-3-2006

i must be mad

I have seriously fallen head over heals for a guy i have never met. We told each other that we are in love a few days ago over the phone. I know this is rediculous but it does feel true and the right thing to do. You all must think im stupid Read more...

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lillie, Female, 32, Greece, cyprus 22-3-2006

what should i do?

I met this guy online we swapped phone numbers. And ever since we have spoken for hours. He makes me feel special and we like each other very much. We've only seen photos of each other. And now we want to meet up. He lives 8 hours away and is 6yrs older than me. If my parents knew about him they would spew. Im really confused and dont know whether to meet him or not. what do Read more...

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