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helpnxt, Male, 33, United Kingdom, crewe 28-4-2006


i say i like her and that she is hot and everythin but really iam thinking get off my bak iam in love with one of my best mates even though ther is nowt i can do. and i have at least 2 girls obsessed with me and i kinda played em along a lil with no intention of anythin ever happenin even if iam pissed out my head ther is no way i wuld do anythin and i Read more...

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helpnxt, Male, 33, United Kingdom, crewe 10-4-2006


hey i ave recently turned 17 yey but wen i was 16 i was kinda talkin to this 14 yearold girl and well i think she wants to take it further if u get me i found this ok cos it was a 2 year age gap but now iam 17 and it is three years and i find this idea abit dodgy and i c friends not likin me for it and stuff like that i was just Read more...

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