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beautifulxDisaster, Female, 36, USA, Thomasville 7-3-2006

Im in the beginning stage of addiction

Recentley since i Have been through a bad breakup. That im still yet to be over I have had family problems my moms on cocaine I feel so overwhelmed by everything and honestly I feel plain out alone. Im never happy. NEVER. and so iget high to get away from life. I just want to be normal be happy normally and I just cant seem to escape my problems through anything else. Drugs are Read more...

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beautifulxDisaster, Female, 36, USA, Thomasville 7-3-2006

I cant let go...

I fell in love with this guy we've dated for 5 months NO fights not problems he treated me like a queen. I could definatley tell he loved me and I mean when we were together we'd lay there looking in each others eyes and just smile.. we did everything together I have risked so much stuff snuck out of my house and everything. & then all of a sudden. One day he told me we Read more...

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