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mat1975, Male, 46, India, calcutta 6-11-2008

lieing to our pastor

oh LORD i am sorry and beg to you for forgiveness i marriade a divoice lady but when i went to our pastor to arrange our marriage i lied to him saying she is unmarriade i lied to you oh LORD and have broken your holy sacrament please LORD have mercy on me and my family you are a loving father who has forgiven his childrens no matter how big the sin is......LORD my family is going through a very Read more...

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mat1975, Male, 46, India, calcutta 6-11-2008

i cheated on my wife and myself

my greatest weakness or u can say sin is my lust whenever i see a female even sometime my family member i get dirty thoughts in my mind which i know is a big sin i had plenty of affairs with different marriade ladies back in my hometown and came across a marriade lady where i work and stay now i am out of my hometown for job purpose .I had shared everything with her and few years Read more...

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