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redshutters, Female, 35, Venezuela, Italy 6-12-2008

I still love him :(

My boyfriend broke up with me after months of treating me like...*crap*... i still love him. i don't want to. i don't know what to do. i know that if God wants us to be together we'll be together but it's so hard waiting. my heart is broken. i loved him more than i've loved anyone in my life.. including myself. he claimed he felt the same way; but how could his feelings just change so drastically like that? someone Read more...

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redshutters, Female, 35, Venezuela, Italy 6-12-2008

"my feelings for you have changed" ?! ...bull.

my boyfriend's feelings for me have "changed." he claims there's no other girl. we were best friends fell in love and now it's just "gone." i don't know what to do. i love him so much but at the same time i hate him for what he's doing to himself and me. i truly believe we were in love and it kills me to see it gone. i am so angry with men and just want to Read more...

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