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lainey68, Female, 54, USA, La Plata 10-12-2008

Same old story

I want to have sex with my boss. He's annoying and a jerk but I like driven smart men. Oh yeah he's also married. It's totally wrong because I'm a Christian. A Christian with needs. But I won't do a married man. I do have my standards. Technically I can't even fantasize about him because that is basically the same as having an affair according to the Bible. And according to me. So Read more...

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lainey68, Female, 54, USA, La Plata 10-12-2008


There is a guy that I have had a crush on for almost 3 years. I've watched him go from girl to girl. He was even engaged. He totally blows me off because I'm not his type. I want so badly to get over him but he is in my heart. I hate unrequited feelings. I am overweight shy and just not pretty. I wish I were the opposite of those things. Read more...

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