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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 34, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009

My hated little problem.

I've struggled to tell the truth for most of my life. I lied about anything an everything and people believed everysingle word. I'm brilliant at it. If you were to determin a lie from a truth with me I would be very surprised. I'm molding my way out of this problem and its going very well. But I've also had a problem with cleptomania. The thrill of stealing iz electric but I hate myself for it. I've stolen money Read more...

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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 34, South Africa, Joburg 12-1-2009

Love never to be had

I was dating a girl for about a year and we were crazy about one another. One night we went to a small party where I met most of her friends and her best friend M. M and myself talked for a good percentage of the night. I crushed hard... In the car on the way home I couldn't stop thinking about M so much as to swerve when my girlfriend pointed out that I was more off the Read more...

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