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me3000, Female, 44, USA, point pleasant 21-2-2009

Oh lord...

you held me last was more than a hug..we clung to each other for a brief moment as if we were both drowning...I felt so much in that small amount of time...when I clung tighter so did you. This is so dangerous. this is so god I hope it happens again. Read more...

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me3000, Female, 44, USA, point pleasant 8-2-2009

so hot...

when we argue and banter back and forth I get so hot for you...I know it's wrong but the intellectual stimulation so quickly turns into physical stimulation...and it doesn't help that you are gorgeous...I feel so guilty for feeling this way but I can't stop. I look forward to going to work and seeing you...I know I will never be with you even if I had the chance because it would be so wrong in so many ways Read more...

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