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cici, Female, 37, Canada, Campbell River 5-4-2007

Help me!!!!!

Three guys lets call 1 guy Terry the other Joe and the last Andy. Terry and I have been friends for almost a year we almost had a realationship at one point but my bestfriend liked him and so we stopped it at friends with benefits for almost 6 months now. Joe i had met somewhere inbetween that time. Joe is starting to like me and i kind of like him but i am not Read more...

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cici, Female, 37, Canada, Campbell River 5-4-2007

I made my confession last night

I have been friends with this one guy for a long time over the computer. Everything was cool everything was like a dream... i grew feelings for him i told him last night exactly how i felt. Only for him to sign off without telling me exactly how he felt about thing. I would have at least like to have heard that he didnt feel that way for me but no i hear he is Read more...

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