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rihamega, Female, 31, USA, El Paso 15-2-2009


At times like these I really hate my self. I think the only times I am truly happy is within my sleep. I find myself withdrawing into myself more and more. I just get on my bike and ride till I think that I am borderlining on empty gas or I just plug into my music and wait for the school days to end. I believe it's just because I don't like myself. I don't like how I look Read more...

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rihamega, Female, 31, USA, El Paso 15-2-2009

Just another randomn rant now online

Okay for starters I am in that time when all the relentless bitter feelings after last year Valentines have added up and now Valentines is freaking here I again. I now to fight the valentines blues you should just drink a bottle of nyquil and pass out for the whole day and I tried that but sadly it wore off and now it's 8 clock and in fear of overdosing I am stuck watching v day episodes. So in Read more...

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