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stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago 10-5-2009

no strings attached

I'm in a no strings attached relationship. I hate and loath it i'm not dating anyone so I'm basically not cheating on anyone and he is single as well. We are just a no strings attached relationship where just have sex to fullfill our lust...I suppose. It's basically sex without any actual love but see the problem is I think I might actually love him... I dont know what to do and I don't like now knowing what to Read more...

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stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago 10-5-2009


Cry crybaby cry! Cry until you have no tears no breath. Cry until you have cried yourself to death. Relive past failures see all your shortcomings. Berate yourself hate yourself that’s right! Can’t stop can you? Didn’t think so. I see you in your downward spiral And I watch you go with joy. Oh to be rid of you and your useless tears. Your Read more...

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