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Larva, Female, 30, USA, liverpool 10-1-2008

i dont know

i am so afraid to let some in again... i have a wonderful boyfriend im just so scared to be hurt again.. The last time was too much for me... im not sure i would be able to handle it again... i am so scared... i love him.. i think i just don't want to let him in what if he doesn't like me for me? what do i do?! Read more...

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Larva, Female, 30, USA, liverpool 30-12-2007

too soon?

Im only 16 and i have been dating my boyfriend for almost a month... yet after 2 weeks we lost our virginitys to one another.... everyone says it was too soon... both of us are comfortable with it... we love eachother... i wasn't pressured or anything... i wanted it actually... im happy really... i just feel idk whoreish? i guess... i crave it more than he does... whats wrong with me? Read more...

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Larva, Female, 30, USA, liverpool 4-11-2007


im so angry i wanna die please someone kill me!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO LIVE! Read more...

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