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dima, Female, 30, Other Asian countries, tripoli 10-11-2007

scared chitless

i am sooo scared my heart is beating fast i have a math exam and the guy that i liked moved 2 another country i have no idea what im feeling im not only scared im sad i hate everything i feel guilty for i dont know what reason i feel like im a looser my parents want me 2 be a pharmacist ever since i was a little kid they use 2 tell Read more...

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dima, Female, 30, Other Asian countries, tripoli 10-11-2007


im in love with a complete stranger! how the hell is this possible? im such an idiot how could be sad becaus i complete stranger moved 2 another country he liked me i liked him that was normal but i never talked 2 him we're both the distant type and b4 anything could happen he moved! and i feel heart broken and sad maybe it isnt love i have no idea what love is! what the Read more...

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