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trixie, Female, 32, USA, hesperia 16-11-2007


Confused A ramble of sweet nothings late into the darkness secrets of the untold confessed like sins love of the other growing stronger for one another. Sad endings professed and promised never more. Broken promises shattered hearts exploding confusion of the purpose of our souls curiosity killed the cat anger killed the lover hatred ruined the life judgment passed the sentence forever in hell I’m held proudly I’ve fell only to make Read more...

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trixie, Female, 32, USA, hesperia 14-11-2007

stuck in a love SQUARE !!!

I am an active lesbian but things with my girlfriend arent going so good. i've cheated on her with another girl who has fallen in love with me. i'm trying to end it with her so i dont hurt her. my girlfriend doesnt know. but to top it off my exboyfriend has somehow come back into the picture. i wanted to kill myself and he was the one who stopped me. the hard truth is now i really Read more...

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