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Love Confessions

fallyn, Female, 55, USA, Wisconsin 2-8-2009

Unattainable crush...

There was a man in my life that I am unable to get out of my head; to this day. He has the softest lips and the most captive eyes. It just warms me every time I think about him. I call this an unattainable crush because he is a police officer. I would kick up some nerve and ask him out but cops see enough and the last thing I want is to come across in Read more...

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jillvalentine, Female, 33, India, maharashtra 1-7-2009

bad luck..

myself jill age 19yrs...m good looking grl and was in love wid a guy of same age...he wasnt so good lookin as compared to me. i loved him since my 8th grade...and he wasnt aware..he nevr knw..beside his family and my family were friends. we never spoke to eachother but i had hotts for him....i thought if i ever tld him that i love him he will accept..coz i nevr had bfrn an he alwys thought me as a goodgrl. Read more...

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mhappy, Female, 35, India, Pune 1-7-2009

I still love him

There's a guy and m with him from last three years . He loves me and even i love him a lot but i feel that he's not for me as there's no understanding between us . I had asked him to get married but he didnt show any interest he showed me a different life in the beginning of our relationship and now he has changed so much that i cant stay with him anymore. I am deeply Read more...

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sistermiller, Female, 64, USA, Kentucky 29-6-2009


Two months ago my husband and I decided to open up our home for our church missionaries to stay so we could get them out of their apartment. It was a few weeks ago I began having an affair with one of the missionaries staying with us. The sex is phenomenal...but should I confess to my husband or have the young men move out? The man is more than half my age I'm Read more...

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Forever17, Female, 32, USA, boonsboro 28-6-2009


cory when you broke up with me i cried non stop all day....i hate it when i see you with any other girls....i still think of u every day....i still dream of you every night....i use all my 11:11 wishes on you....when i first met you i fell in love....i miss you....i always thought you were my 1 and only....i no ur my 1 and only....i thought i would marry you som day....i still want to marry you one day Read more...

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CantLetGo, Female, 43, Australia, Melbourne 26-6-2009

Sexting Affair

I have a long history with a man and even tho we r both married and even though we have tried to stop it we r having a sexting affair. Before i got married he called me and asked me not to get married said he'd be back before then he never showed and i got married. We stayed friends for a long time texting occasionally then about 2 years ago the texts became Read more...

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feelbad009, Male, 35, Canada, Orono 20-6-2009

Better to Have Loved And Lost Then to Never Have Loved At All

There's this girl in one of my classes and we were starting to become really good friends that's when I realized I really liked her. I told her I had to ask her something but at that momement she introduced me to her new boyfriend. Ouch... I'm getting over it I just wanted to get it off my chest... Read more...

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daydreamer27, Female, 32, United Kingdom, London 17-6-2009

I need to tell someone and i dont know what to do!

Ok well here it is. I have a boyfriend we were friends before we started going out and we got along great and also before we were going out i had feelings for someone who if i told u u wud probably think it was nothing because they are in a famous band but the thing it i really loved him and i've got a friend who can tell you that. I mean i Read more...

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