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Love Confessions

kavithasreedhar, Female, 41, India, Hyderabad 19-9-2008

Sorry Sreedhar

God please forgive me...I never wanted to hurt him ..I always wanted him to be happy....but that moment I dont know wat happened to me and I sent those messages ..... I really really sorry god.... pls forgive me....... I love him and only him... and I will forever..... I donno wat is goin wrong with me... I tot He would be mine forever and I did that...but has ruined our relationship.... she does'nt even wanna see Read more...

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vampyra, Female, 34, Canada, Hell 29-8-2008

i still love him.

I met him about 2 years ago and he became my whole life. We fell so hard for eachother. He said I was perfect for him in every single way that he loved me just as I am. Before him I had never had a boyfriend or nothing. And he awoke so many desires in me that pathetically I was always horny. I wanted to wait till marriage and he Read more...

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yme, Male, 35, USA, Rockville 9-7-2008


today she called back after a weekend of me trying to reach her. Got mad at me after 4th of july. phone calls we went supposedly to go study...i pick up AM at her house too. then we all go to school. couldnt borrow the book because i didnt have a summer 08 sticker. We then went to the public library to look for the math textbook. i helped out a chinese lady find some books for her Read more...

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godforgiveme, Male, 40, Austria, Heim 26-4-2008

Kissed another girl

God forgive me for I have sinned. In my last relationship I suspected my girlfriend to have cheated on me so I kissed with another girl multiple times. Also after my first relation in which I got traumatized I got a new girlfriend. When I told her I loved her actually I felt nothing I think . The same with my last girlfriend. I told her I loved her I'm quite sure I did Read more...

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hallenee, Female, 33, United Kingdom, Reading 18-4-2008


His inability to use a computer frustrates the hell out of me when all I want to do is email him from work. I now email other men instead. Read more...

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hallenee, Female, 33, United Kingdom, Reading 11-4-2008


He's the person I go to cry on when my relationships all fail. They fail because I can't love anyone as much as I love him. Read more...

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BeautyB, Female, 46, Belgium, Uno 17-3-2008

Dear Beautylegs

"And I meant every word I said. When I said that I love you I meant That I love you forever." I read your notes in 'Friendship'. There was only one left with issues that friday. But it wasn't me. . What I wanted at first after that terrible Friday was to thank you for trying so hard that night. 'Cause you really tried to cheer me up to make Read more...

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taku, Female, 32, United Kingdom, surrey 9-3-2008

unrequited love

im 18 and im love with a older man but he has a wife and we have been having an affair for 2 monthes now and im starting to think i am the onliie 1 whuu is in love here Read more...

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