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Love Confessions

djordj, Male, 40, United Kingdom, london 9-3-2008

secret crush

I'm going out with a lovely Italian girl called Mariacristina though her jealousy and posessiveneness is sometimes hard to deal with. But I adore an 18 year old girl called Lally who just seems the sweetest girl in the world. Read more...

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toiseja1, Female, 33, United Kingdom, london 4-3-2008

Ma Byron

Let it get dere shudn have o well lesser of the two evils i assume i repent Read more...

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shyedmontonian, Male, 43, Canada, Edmonton 27-2-2008


When I was younger I never had the self confidence in myself to ask out females that I was interested in. I never believed that any woman would be interested in me as I believe that I am just a 'below average joe'. Every day I regret it yet I still feel that way. I will always wonder what I have missed out on friendships etc . Read more...

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iheartmusic, Female, 32, USA, Milwaukee 17-2-2008

Train wreck lovers

I had this boyfriend. I guess you could say I asked him out. We lasted a good three months. But I had to break it off. He was clingy to the point it freaked me out. He called me 24 7 and invited himself places. Lets say I would be having a girls day out and he would just show up. It was weird. Around the time i was dating him i met a boy. Read more...

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omgcrazy, Male, 35, USA, Seattle, WA 11-2-2008


Man this girl i know...perfect in my eyes. I know I like her...weve been "flirtatious" for as long as i remember! I was like a second away from asking her out but...she was called away for gonna see her at school tommorow but i can never get a moment! Feels good to get that off my chest... Read more...

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koga777, Male, 32, USA, mackville 10-2-2008

so hard to take anymore

i love her so much i cry everyday because we cant be together im happy she is doing well i only wish i could be a bigger part of her life is it wrong to want to go to sleep because i dream of her every night i hold her feelings in much higher regard then i hold my own all she would have to say is dont talk to me anymore and i wouldnt it would hurt a lot Read more...

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sad47, Male, 61, USA, boston 9-2-2008

is it love?

Is it love when just about all you think about is her and you can't sleep at night because you know you can never be together? And you cry too much thinking about the situation. Is it love when you feel weak when she's around and you think she can see your erection even though your hiding it? Is it love when you miss like hell hearing her say I love you but know she won't because Read more...

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zoey8901, Female, 45, USA, Oly 9-2-2008


I think I may be in love with my best friend. Read more...

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