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Love Confessions

Background, Male, 55, USA, Seattle 9-2-2008

Married but in love with someone else

I have been having an affair with a co worker for the past two years. I am married with two daughters ages 11 and 8 . I have fallen in love with the woman with whom I've been having the affair. I think she could be the love of my life and she feels the same way about me by the way she's married too . It seems like we Read more...

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notwalkingalon, Male, 32, Other Asian countries, SINGAPORE 6-2-2008

in love

I have been in love with her since 2 years back and didn;t had the courage to tell her. Damm i miss those times. i fell out of love too many times and didn't wanted to get depresssed because of love. and her major exams were on last year and i didn;t ask her for fear that she will ignore me do badly in her exams . Now i don't know how to tell her but i feel that she Read more...

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OnlyONE, Male, 40, Canada, Burnaby 30-1-2008


I am in a very confusing situation right now. I have a girlfriend whom I love with all my heart. The only problem is that lately she's been acting overly "clingy" to me. She always calls me follows me wants to know where I am tries to tell me what to do make me do what she wants to and a few other things that I don't see as "abnormal" or anything...and I Read more...

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PGJ08, Female, 62, United Kingdom, Bradford 26-1-2008

I Can't Help It...

I love him...with all my heart and soul. From the first moment I met him I knew that there was this spark between us and after a year I found out that he felt exactly the same. The only problem is...he's my best friend! We made love for the first time a year ago we met secretly and sat just holding hands and then after 4 meetings nothing we went back to just being friends...or so Read more...

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SinAngel15, Female, 31, United Kingdom, Evesham 21-1-2008

I'm tired of fighting it..I'm obsessed!

Okay! I can't stop thinking about this guy! Problem is not only is he usually obnoxious and football obsessed but also he seems to hate my guts! Before I walk into the same room as him he is happy. When I walk in he stares at me with a look that says 'I would rather you were not here'! We used to be ok but now things seem different! What is up? Read more...

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Larva, Female, 32, USA, liverpool 10-1-2008

i dont know

i am so afraid to let some in again... i have a wonderful boyfriend im just so scared to be hurt again.. The last time was too much for me... im not sure i would be able to handle it again... i am so scared... i love him.. i think i just don't want to let him in what if he doesn't like me for me? what do i do?! Read more...

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Larva, Female, 32, USA, liverpool 30-12-2007

too soon?

Im only 16 and i have been dating my boyfriend for almost a month... yet after 2 weeks we lost our virginitys to one another.... everyone says it was too soon... both of us are comfortable with it... we love eachother... i wasn't pressured or anything... i wanted it actually... im happy really... i just feel idk whoreish? i guess... i crave it more than he does... whats wrong with me? Read more...

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mitsy3999, Female, 33, Australia, Sydney 1-12-2007

my mans bestfriend

I don't really know what the purpose of this is i know i'm not gonna do anything i know on so many levels i don't want to. For whatever reason i have feelings for my boyfriends bestfriend he annoys me in so may ways he's stubborn extremley conventional emotionally immature and so forth. So much different from my boyfriend and something i can't really identify with. Before i go on i wanna stress how Read more...

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