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Love Confessions

untenable, Male, 42, USA, Boise 16-10-2007


Before my girlfriend and I got together but while we were feeling each other out to see if we wanted to be I slept with three other guys. I don't know how to tell her. I want to but I'm afraid to because I don't want to lose her. Read more...

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passion, Female, 39, Canada, Toronto 15-10-2007


I found out my BF cheated on me.. Its nothing new but still he was so faithful to me and we were about to get married. Read more...

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Lost, Female, 41, USA, long island 12-10-2007

Still miss you..

You walked out on me almost three months ago. Just months before our wedding. I should hate you but I don't. As time passes I now realize how much you still mean to me. I know how regretful you are for your actions but we both know things could never be the same again. When I miss you the most I drive around and practice my Arabic listening to one of the learning cd's you left in my car before Read more...

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laughingman, Male, 44, Canada, palo alto 6-10-2007


I am completely in love with my best friend's girlfriend. Read more...

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SadAgain, Female, 41, Norway, Oslo 3-10-2007

I don't love the man I live with...

I'm not sure I even like him right now...I just realized today I'm falling for this guy at work and I don't know what to do.. I hate myself for feeling this and I'm not even sure the guy at work likes me back. I feel so lonely. Read more...

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aaaandy, Male, 51, USA, Dallas 3-10-2007


I am polyamorous. I did not realize it. I am a successful man by all accounts. Great career. Beautiful wife. Beautiful kids. Happy in every way. I started having an affair with a younger female co worker about a year ago. I love my wife. I love my kids. I am in love with my now pregnant by me co worker. It was not an intentional affair. It was all so natural. I did not pretend to Read more...

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2lateagain, Male, 44, USA, cary 2-10-2007

what to do

I male single am falling in love with a good female friend of mine who recently got engaged. I know she finds me attractive in a lot of ways. She even asked me where i as before she was dating this guy. When ever we spend a decent amount of time alone there is a huge amount of tension in the air. We seem to have a lot more in common then she does with Read more...

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hello, Female, 32, USA, grayling 29-9-2007

love advice

i love this guy i just met basically by accident and i've only known him personally for 1 week and i love him but i kne whim before just nvr really talked.... i wanna say i love but cant because its too soon and i wanna know that he loves first!!!! i love everything about him and i neveer felt so happy i actually smile now i cant wait for him to get on and spend every minute with Read more...

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