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Love Confessions

Sydney77, Female, 44, USA, 08081 12-9-2007

I am having an affair and dont' feel bad...

I have a wonderful husband....I love him....and yet I am having a delicious affair with a married man. I love this man the other man . I love the way he pulls my hair when we make love. I love his accent. I love how he makes me feel beautiful and free and like a teenager. I love that he loves me. I need to feel desired and lovable I know this...the more I can get the Read more...

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heyhello, Female, 32, Canada, surrey 12-9-2007


i want him. SO bad. and im not gonna be afraid to get him. not this time. i always used to sit back and do nothing.. but not this time. i want him more than ever. Read more...

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blah, Female, 36, USA, new york 9-9-2007

I really Like him

We went to HS and college together and at that time he wasnt with his current girlfriend. Now that his gilfriend is away for business. I really wanted to tell him if we could have something together... but the only thing that is holding me back is I am one of his best friend's friend and i know his girlfriend since HS. I just feel so guilty that I have such feelings torwards him and yet i dont Read more...

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ourspacenomore, Female, 37, USA, Bozeman 7-9-2007

being the other woman

I have been "dating" a married man for three years now. He swears he loves me but he still hasn't left his wife. My heart breaks every day. The guilt is simply overpowering as is the jealousy anger resentment and fear. I break down at least once a day and sob. Every time I start to end it I think about all the wonderful things we've experienced together. Read more...

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ethanolgoddess, Female, 41, USA, somewhere 26-8-2007 it happened

Despite my hidden attraction to the young hottie at work she was persistent in hanging out with me. She is a great friend and soo much fun to be with. Last night it turned out that our group was not going to be able to hang out like it had been planned. So it was just me and the young thing. We had a great time at dinner and we had some drinks afterwards. Read more...

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brittynic, Female, 33, USA, Confession 23-8-2007


I am...scratch that...was... the other woman.

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sparky1265, Male, 56, USA, sparkytown 20-8-2007

I Have A Crush On My Boss.

She's my immediate supervisor and it really hurts because I know it's not proper for me to say anything. I like my job I really respect her enough not to put her in an awkward position by saying anything and both of us are married so I just need to buckle up and keep my commitments. The deal is it just hurts me so. Her eyes are as deep and a blue as the Read more...

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justamanoverhere, Male, 82, USA, Somewhere 19-7-2007

This one is going to hurt

In a few short hours maybe a day or two I will be breaking my engagement with my soon to be ex fiancee. Not because of anything she did but because I have been planning a wedding that I could not admit to myself until now that I was not ready for. It's gonna hurt that's for sure. I love her so much and I want to protect her from what is coming Read more...

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