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Love Confessions

SinAngel15, Female, 31, United Kingdom, Evesham 3-7-2007

He's just a guy.

There is this guy in my school that I really like at points of time but at other times I feel like kicking his head in metaphoriacally speaking . I haven't told him but what can I say? I'm not sure if he likes me at all. Whenever I try to talk to him he ignores me but when he talks to me which is rarer than a blue moon I Read more...

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twiggy, Female, 54, USA, Waldorf 28-6-2007


I am head over heels in love with a man who doesn't give me the time of day. He barely knows my name but that's ok. I love him. It's not the fact that he is good looking has a great job and a beautiful home; it's the fact that he is a Christian man that loves God. I love him so much. Not in an obsessive way but in the way that I want him to Read more...

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crazydude, Male, 38, India, mdu 21-6-2007

hurted my love

me n my fiancee wer engaged 6 yrs ago.v started talkin few years ago thru phone.she always kept tellin other guys name during intimate moments on a guy i suspected her n scolded her she has stopped luvin me but i have not.vil she love me again now.wen i asked her she says she is heart broken after i scolded hardly.but i was just finding out the truth. any gals out there can u tell me whether she Read more...

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SistersKeeper, Female, 35, Australia, Melbourne 13-6-2007

Do I Dare????

I think I'm in love with a good friend....Only its one of those bullshit situations that indicates...hell no no way in hell all over it. He is older than me he has a house and a partner. But its insane the connection that we have. We talk to each other and just brightens the day. We inspire and motivate each other. He makes me want to be the best I can be and thats what I Read more...

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itsdestiny, Female, 41, USA, Ohio 9-6-2007

A friend's wedding...

I just realized that I am in love with my best guy friend who will be getting married very soon. I realize I missed my chance and it's too late to tell him how I feel but it still hurts. The worst thing is that I broke down and told the guy I've been persuing and he's now pissed at me because he doesn't want to be anyone's "second pick". He's not! This is just bad Read more...

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Wishiwereshe, Female, 40, USA, nowere 23-5-2007

i'm not her, but i wish i was

I still love you and even when you confronted me about it i lied to you. I think you saw right through me though.....I hate lying to you but i need to protect myself. You are with her and supposedly getting married even though you've only known her for 2 months off the internet and have already called the engagment off once. You guys aren't engaged anymore but your Read more...

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jaki, Female, 48, USA, san mateo 4-5-2007

Eu te amo! ~Eu te amo!~ Eu te amo!

I love him! yes I love him!!!! here we are 17 almost 18 years later... and I can still say that... you're married to another I'm married to another.. is it possible to love to men at the same time???????? of course I love my husband but I can't get you out of my heart!!! I don't want to. you were my first REAL love and that will never change. I see Read more...

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cici, Female, 37, Canada, Campbell River 5-4-2007

I made my confession last night

I have been friends with this one guy for a long time over the computer. Everything was cool everything was like a dream... i grew feelings for him i told him last night exactly how i felt. Only for him to sign off without telling me exactly how he felt about thing. I would have at least like to have heard that he didnt feel that way for me but no i hear he is Read more...

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