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Love Confessions

chihuahuahua, Female, 32, USA, Northbrook 7-2-2007

Burning Pokers

You always stare at me so intensely but I never really noticed it until quite recently. When I finally realized what was going on I was absolutely floored. How could such a gorgeous man be possibly interested in a girl like me? Am I that special? That worthy? My mind is reeling. Everyday I would feel your eyes burning holes into my backside and I wouldn't turn around to meet them because I feared the ferocious Read more...

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ForgettinGirl, Female, 33, United Kingdom, Derby 10-1-2007

What Should I Do?

Once what i believed was my best friend.. Was really the 1!! For 2 and a half years i was in love with my best friend. We used to spend all our time together..People would always assume we we're a couple.. Always cuddling Kissing and holding hands. Sleeping in the same bed..Everything a couple would do! One day i decided it was time to confess my true feelings for him.. So i did He didn't say Read more...

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akarudegurl, Female, 33, USA, Atlanta 15-11-2006

its hurt

i did have a gurl friend but she was miles away its hurt 2 know that i cant see her and touch her daily so i find myself goin crazy and telling her hurtfull things i even cheated on her 3 times with three different gurls but she only know abou one and now its hurts b c i really do love and care abou her. i think abou her everyday and want her bac in my life Read more...

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akarudegurl, Female, 33, USA, Atlanta 15-11-2006

My New Teacher

I am 17 and my teacher is so damn hot i cant stop thinking about her i even daydream abou her constant. its so hard to concentrate in her class b c all on my mind is to make passionate love all day long. Read more...

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lostgurl, Female, 41, USA, Miami 18-5-2006

cheating revenge

Ok so I just found out my bf has been seeing another girl for a few weeks. I'm trying to think of a good way to get revenge on him. Any ideas? I was thinking of posting his number on the net somehow... maybe on a gay website? does anyone know of any? I appreciate it! Thanks! Read more...

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silky, Male, 62, United Kingdom, birmingham 28-4-2006

where is mtf

HI My name is charliegirl but still cant login so using my dads wonder if mtf has been in lately?? would like to know how she is doing. So if you see this mtf from edmonton give us a message. good luck char. Read more...

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thirstykirsty, Female, 34, USA, LA 27-4-2006


just to say thanx for all those lovely messages guys my brother says i should sell my panties on E bay. don't think thats legal is it? but thanxs for your comments.xx Read more...

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chuck57, Male, 32, USA, lynchburg 21-4-2006


i'm 16 and i've been masturbating for about a year and a half now. Read more...

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