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Love Confessions

qtredbtm, Female, 47, USA, Seattle 18-4-2006


My very favorite type of foreplay is beyond a doubt spanking. If I can convince a partner to spank me I experience unbelievable organisms. Read more...

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fancyface, Female, 32, Canada, Winnipeg 31-3-2006


Well I met this guy this year and we became really good friends.. best friends we talk about everything we know everything about eachother basically.... and he looks out for me all the time. I always have these like day dreams about us like fooling around and stuff... but i don't think i like him that way and it's like i see him being really hott... but he has these flaws and i dont know Read more...

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chaoticmuse, Female, 34, USA, chuluota 26-3-2006

i'm in love with a girl

i'm more in love with my girlfriend than my boyfriend. i'v know my girl for a couple years and we've been dating for a couple months now but i've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. i can't help thinking of her ALL THE TIME. actually i can't stop thinking about girls in general all the time. i sometimes fantasize about being a full blown fact if and or when me and boyfriend Read more...

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elhocin_1, Male, 38, Morocco, agadir 24-3-2006

i am alone

i don't know what to say but i have now chance with love because from the first time i love it finish after 5 years . now idon't know : is there no love i our world? how can i finish this ??? Read more...

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SinfulDevil, Male, 42, United Kingdom, Manchester 13-3-2006

My friends girlfriend

I went to a nightclub in the city on Saturday night and bumped into my flatmaes girlfriend of 2 years... Emma. He couldn't come out this weekend as he has flu. Well we flirted danced touched and eventually kissed passionately in a corner for a while our hands all over each over. We both admitted we were aroused by the sheer wrongness of it all and fantasied about how sneaky we could be around my flatmate Read more...

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jjwright, Male, 37, United Kingdom, Cambridge 9-3-2006


i had this girlfriend and basically she messed me about dumping me after each 2 weeks i dont think she meant to but my love for her could have easliy been blinding me. And each time we went back out she told me she loved me there would only be a 2 or 3 week gap in between each relationship. i know i havnt been clever i shouldnt of even been back out with her Read more...

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beautifulxDisaster, Female, 37, USA, Thomasville 7-3-2006

I cant let go...

I fell in love with this guy we've dated for 5 months NO fights not problems he treated me like a queen. I could definatley tell he loved me and I mean when we were together we'd lay there looking in each others eyes and just smile.. we did everything together I have risked so much stuff snuck out of my house and everything. & then all of a sudden. One day he told me we Read more...

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gloria34, Female, 41, United Kingdom, Essex 5-3-2006

Platonic love

I'm a woman in love with my gay best friend. He doesn't know it. Should i tell him even though I know there is no hope of a relationship or do I keep it bottled in forever? Read more...

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