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Love Confessions

ankita017, Female, 32, India, Ludhiana 4-6-2009

i m sorry

i had a bf...n i loved him a lot..v had a beautiful n 3yr long relationship but things turned ugly afta a while but initially i had relations wid one more guy n afta a while i realised my mistake n i took a resolution to be tru to him. N nvr did i lie to him afta dis but on another occassion wen my relatives were out me n my cousin sneaked out n met 2 frnz of my Read more...

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butterflied4017, Female, 32, USA, Traverse City 3-6-2009

Can't Help But Cry

I'm In Love with My Choir Teacher. I know I shouldn't but I don't know how to get over him.Everytime I see him I want to Curl up in a ball in the corner or kiss him.Now instead of having butterflies when I think of him I want to cry beacuse even though I Love Him I have To Get Over Him. Read more...

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artisabang, Female, 32, USA, scottsdale 2-6-2009


Ok there's this guy I really like i think I even love him. Im afraid he's going to say no. Im his friend. Im afraid it will affect our friendship... Read more...

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myrra, Female, 35, Other Asian countries, taipei 30-5-2009

how do i get over it

after a complicated purely physical relationship with my best friend i totally lose it. my life literally falls apart yet by trying to move on i find myself down to an even more dangerous liason. cuz this time it's gonna be my professor. he's young thirty something extremely intelligent and sarcastic in a cute way. at first i thought he's gay but he turns out to be otherwise. now i think i Read more...

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janconkey, Female, 35, United Kingdom, Manchester 24-5-2009

sorry christy

i have been in love with someone for 10 years and have never told him. i am now seeing someone else and i have led him on no end but i cant stop thinking of the other man. recently i tried my best to show the other man how i felt and he responded in a way that he never has before. the other man is my brother's best friend so if anything ever happened it could ruin Read more...

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xkahchink, Female, 32, USA, Union 24-5-2009

Smoldering Feelings

You already know my feelings and shared it with me I know. But ever since we've broken up my feelings never went away. They just grew stronger. As much as I love you now I try to suppress them because I know you won't love me anymore. Although I think that I still get nervous around you and try to stay cool in your presence. My suppressing becomes weaker every passing day that one Read more...

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ICanOnlyBeMe, Female, 32, USA, Moorpark 11-5-2009

I can't do this anymore...

I loved you. I really did. You were everything to me. I would have given up everything for you in a second. It never met anything to you though. It's been almost five years since I've fell for you. And it's been over a year since I told you. It didn't matter though. I was forever going to be a friend and nothing more. Then something changed... you hated me. I didn't know what I did but you Read more...

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Boblator, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Manchester 10-5-2009

The Teacher and I

Well it all started when i was in school. My maths teacher and i started having a secret relation ship. I was 16 when it started and now i'm 18 he's 28 and i love him so much and he's told me he loves me we've made love a many times and it's been wonderful. Recently he's been asking that we make ourselves public because i'm an official adult. I'm scared of what everyone's gonna say and Read more...

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