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Love Confessions

leapoard, Male, 36, India, jamshedpur 29-4-2009

please help me

I am in deep love with a girl and i care about her a lot i don't know what to do. I had burnt my hand with cigar . I was working with her we where best friend and i had never told her that i am in love with her because with the fact that if she says no than i cant live with that so i had left the job thinking that if i go Read more...

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lovemyfriend, Female, 34, Philippines, Caloocan 23-4-2009

Im inlove with my close friend..

it's a weird feeling... i did not felt it before. we were close friends as well as his gf is my close friend. i really don't understand why it should happen. all i know is everything had changed. every time i saw him with his girl i am getting hurt which i did not felt before. i really falling with him since the day he said about his special feeling for me. but since Read more...

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Jullianna, Female, 34, Romania, Cluj 23-4-2009

impossible love

I am in love with my first love's best friend and room mate. I always loved his room mate since day one the first time i saw him smile...just i would have never met him had i not been with the first guy... And now we're broken up for over a year and i love his roomate...and he loves me i feel it but there's the "bro code" and it sucks...I can;t make him breaak that Read more...

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kaja, Female, 34, Poland, kraków 16-4-2009


I have a love affair with my brother in law itś horrible i dont know how to stop it? Read more...

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opleaz, Male, 57, Canada, Vancouver 27-3-2009

Lusting for Exchange Student

We have a beautiful 18 year old exchange student living at our house. Sometimes it is only us at home together. I want to make love to her so badly it hurts. I want to be able to see her smooth young flesh. Read more...

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BLAHHHH12, Female, 32, USA, O\'Fallon 27-3-2009

In love with a guy inever knew..

Okay So this is a strange story buts its all completely true. About a year ago I fell in love with this guy I don't even know I've seen picture and videos of him but we've never met. He's famous and I know what your thinking I love him for his looks and nothing else. But thats not true. I really like his personallity and everything about him. I pretty much all you can know about someone you don't Read more...

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rivers12385, Female, 36, USA, New York 26-3-2009

Torn between two guys

I'm with a great boyfriend but I still think of a guy who I had a thing with for a little less than 2 years. He's on my mind all day long and I have dreams about him at night. He moved away but I would give anything to go back to the times when we were together. I care about my boyfriend but I think if I was crazy about him than I wouldnt think about Read more...

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pinkdemon, Female, 34, USA, Austin 26-3-2009

yea I was inlove once....and I'll never do it again

I loved you so much! you told me you loved me! not as a friend you said while we were at the Short Stop parking lot you were eating a small fry and lemonade slush "I really like you but I'm gay if I wasnt gay then we would be together." thats exactly what you said!!!!!!! I poored my heart out to you I told you my sick obsessions the things i do to get over Read more...

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