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Love Confessions

lamboki, Male, 45, Other African countries, Sengala 16-3-2009

I love you forever

nana I'm so glad I found you. You are the light of my life. My sunshine. My precious little Beauty. I love you with all my heart. I never felt like this before. True love from the bottom of my heart..Now always and forever!!! Read more...

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bleedinglove, Female, 41, Canada, welland 9-3-2009

Since the moment I saw you

I have loved you through the years through our ups and down in good times and in bad I loved you you are the other half of my soul I find you beautiful in every way i want to hold and protect you and enjoy life with you forever i want to have your children and walk down the isle with you. I am never as happy as when I am with you...and I can not Read more...

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maximuspwns, Male, 32, Canada, chilliwack 25-2-2009

Bro's before hoes... right?

I have a major crush on a girl in my class but nobody knew. My best friend started going out with her and now im mad at him! I know realy its my fault and he didnt know... but its hard for me to even talk to him because i get so mad! Read more...

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me3000, Female, 45, USA, point pleasant 21-2-2009

Oh lord...

you held me last was more than a hug..we clung to each other for a brief moment as if we were both drowning...I felt so much in that small amount of time...when I clung tighter so did you. This is so dangerous. this is so god I hope it happens again. Read more...

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vrindha, Female, 35, India, delhi 19-2-2009


This confession i am making is to get rid of some burdens i have though its not cos of any of my fault rather its coz of the wrong things imposed on me n asked me to accept them i really love my guy like anything initially when we started up wth the realtion it was good but he alwas crip coz of my past i try to make him realise its of no concern to him as he Read more...

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autumnamor, Female, 32, USA, L.A. 19-2-2009

I Love Him, but He Doesn't Love Me

I love him. So so much. He's all I ever think about. He found out I liked him today. He has a girlfriend. He doesn't know that I love him. He only knows I like him. He is moving schools this week. I won't be able to see him. He is my best friend too. Isn't that how all true love starts? As friendship. I have read so many stories about that. I can't seem to get over him. Read more...

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rihamega, Female, 32, USA, El Paso 15-2-2009

Just another randomn rant now online

Okay for starters I am in that time when all the relentless bitter feelings after last year Valentines have added up and now Valentines is freaking here I again. I now to fight the valentines blues you should just drink a bottle of nyquil and pass out for the whole day and I tried that but sadly it wore off and now it's 8 clock and in fear of overdosing I am stuck watching v day episodes. So in Read more...

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Alcyone, Female, 46, United Kingdom, London 10-2-2009

Secret obsession

I am in love with a famous person that I don't actually know! I know this sounds mad but I feel like he is my kindred spirit we seem to have similar interests and have similar personalities. I feel like I am going slightly mad it's not like me and I don't know what is wrong with me. I am in a long term relationship and so is he so I really don't know why Read more...

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