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Love Confessions

LAVyou, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Newcastle 9-2-2009


I've known you for less than a year now and we just clicked. i love you so much and i thought i got over you but since you've started talking to me again i think i love you again. Everytime i see you with her i want to think you're thinking about me. And people say you smile whenever i'm there and i've started to realise that. i really love you. I want Read more...

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LAVyou, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Newcastle 9-2-2009


I've just moved to a new school and in the summer i met a guy in year. We just clicked. He was funny charming witty and clever. We had so much in common; instantly i loved him. I told my friends and was looking forward to spending my school time with him. AND THEN my so called friend decided to go out with him. I was devastated. Then to add to it they decided Read more...

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bosn88, Female, 46, USA, Orlando 8-2-2009

Rude Email

I was in a long distance relationship with this guy who I met online. The first month was fine. But then I started sensing something wrong. I went back online to check if he still had his profile. I found that he was still logging in and responding to girls. As I was in a bad relationship before I decided not to see him in the next meeting. But then he said "boys like seeing girls" and that Read more...

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Who, Male, 34, Canada, Unknown 7-2-2009

Unreasable feelings.

So...I like a girl nearly eight years younger than me. A girl who so far has barely reached her teens. I can't figure if I like or love her but I've known this girl for nearly five years. I don't look at any girls her age or anyone else remotely the same way just her and only her and these feelings for her have grown only in the last two years or so...and Read more...

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justagirl26, Female, 40, Canada, calgary 6-2-2009


Me and my ex just started talking again it had been about 5 months him and his current gf are broken up recently we talked about getting back together in the near future. There is nothing I want more but I'm terrified that he will start using again. I can't have that in my life or my sons... Read more...

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7abibi, Female, 38, USA, chicago 31-1-2009

I think i'm going crazy...

I met you online I think is not normal to fall in love with someone in this way..I lied so much i know i never tell you i was engaged by this time but i already knew i was not going to get married..I'm glad i never did. I'm obsessed with you and i admit it i have been with "real guys" and i can't find anyone that has the same personality that you have i Read more...

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jilly321, Female, 32, United Kingdom, sheffield 27-1-2009


i want my brother in law to touch me he is soooo gorgeous. i like to wear really short skirts and i try to flirt wiv him when my sis aint about. i don't know if he knows it or he might fink im childish but im not. he takes me home in his car and i sit next to him i always make sure my dress rides up wen i get in so Read more...

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anan14, Female, 39, India, Karwar 23-1-2009

forgive me god

me a girl... who do not believe in love any more... loved a boy for around 6 yrs nw wen the time came to get married he says he haas family problem n has bakoff... he lies a lot... i dont trust him... but i m bot being able to cum out it from last 4 month ... pls show me the way.... Read more...

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