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Love Confessions

PixelDawn, Female, 32, Australia, Away From You 20-1-2009

I Love You, But You Dont Love Me?

I love him so very much. More than anyone else in the whole entire world. I've known him for 2 years this year 3 years. He constantly makes me laugh. He makes me smile. I know you'll never read this. But i want you to know. I love you. I dont care about our age difference. I love you for who you are. I hate it when you call yourself a nerd. Because Read more...

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don, Male, 33, United Kingdom, leeds 15-1-2009

Martelle Serrine Etienne

hi i am 19 asian unique in the way i dress and look and have had my fair share of the lady's the oldest being 45!! bt thts a story for later any i had this job in a bar i loved workn thr i also had close friends thr aswel thr ws ths 1 girl a friend ov a friend whom i got 2 knw very well we would get food 2getha afta work and Read more...

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theboss, Male, 77, Zambia, Chipata 13-1-2009

Sex with the maid

I'm a white farmer in southern Africa married with two kids. I love my wife but one of our maids seemed to really like me. She was eighteen I was sixty. I had a hell of a sexual reaction to her and one day I kissed her. She reponded and a few days later I had sex with her which was very erotic. This still happens occasionally when my wife is shopping or at Read more...

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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 35, South Africa, Joburg 12-1-2009

Love never to be had

I was dating a girl for about a year and we were crazy about one another. One night we went to a small party where I met most of her friends and her best friend M. M and myself talked for a good percentage of the night. I crushed hard... In the car on the way home I couldn't stop thinking about M so much as to swerve when my girlfriend pointed out that I was more off the Read more...

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addicted2him27, Female, 32, USA, dallas 10-1-2009

I am in love with my own cousin!!!

I know this sounds really strange and perverted and creepy etc. but I really do believe I love him but not in the way I am supposed to. We have had intercourse at least 3 times. It sounds nasty but it really wasn't intentional. After that I was sprung. We still hang out and talk but I just wish he wasn't my cousin because I know that he also has feelings for me. And the worst part of it Read more...

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IloveRandyRomo, Female, 43, USA, Dallas 27-12-2008

Having an affair with another man while being married

I am 29 years old and I have been married for almost 7 years but in 2005 I started having an affair with another man who is also married. We have strong feelings for one another and we want to be together. We make love whenever we get a chance to be together. I am in love with another man. Read more...

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abhi, Male, 42, India, Chandigarh 27-12-2008

Hate me plz

i m a 23 ok looks yr old guy kind of setteled found an 24 yr gal good looks attractive proposed her she accepted unexpectedly.We were togther for abt 4 mnths she luved me more than anything in the world.she is quite sweet and senti types.she wanted to marry me .After sumtime i realized i have sum family responsibilties i luv my family like anything which wudn't allow me Read more...

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shreetammishra86, Female, 36, India, Bhubaneswar 25-12-2008

i hurt him

i hurt him so much...i didnt even wish him on his birthday..he should curse me.....sai...dont give me love ever in my life..he is in pain...i have given him this pain...i am sorry sonu....sorry... Read more...

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