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Love Confessions

iamabadman, Male, 32, France, Paris 24-12-2008

I am a terrible person

Im with a girl who i thinks only went with me because i looked like a guy she used to fantasize over at high school. when i changed my looks she really liked me. well that relationship has been quite rocky for sometime and i now have feelings for another girl but im a stupid man so it wouldn't be any girl no it would be the girlfriend of the boy my current girlfriend used to fantasize Read more...

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Bazigaar69, Male, 33, India, Kolkata 20-12-2008

To the only girl I ever loved - Shreya

Hi... I had really liked this girl named shreya throughout my school days ... I was mad about her since I first saw her in 2nd standard ... But all the other guyz also used to go gaga over her.... As I was only da average guy next door with no special qualities I could never propose to her in fear of being made a fool among my classmates ... Now I am 19 and left school ..... I havent Read more...

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ssncn94, Female, 32, USA, somewhere 12-12-2008

I think I am in Love

Everyday I see him and I can't brethe. My heart hurts and I feel as though I'm am about to faint. He knows that I like him but not that I love him. Thats about all he knows the rest is still a mystery to him. I just wish he would give me a sign. Read more...

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rioang, Female, 38, India, Bangalore 11-12-2008

I did commit mistakes

Hi I just want to confess my mistake which I have committed. I am in a relationship physical and emotional with a guy from past 3 years. I have been involved sexually with this person and have sex several times in last 3 years. This guy comes to meet me only when I am at my home alone and then after having few mins chat we make love. We never meet each other outside or weekend though Read more...

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lainey68, Female, 54, USA, La Plata 10-12-2008


There is a guy that I have had a crush on for almost 3 years. I've watched him go from girl to girl. He was even engaged. He totally blows me off because I'm not his type. I want so badly to get over him but he is in my heart. I hate unrequited feelings. I am overweight shy and just not pretty. I wish I were the opposite of those things. Read more...

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redshutters, Female, 35, Venezuela, Italy 6-12-2008

I still love him :(

My boyfriend broke up with me after months of treating me like...*crap*... i still love him. i don't want to. i don't know what to do. i know that if God wants us to be together we'll be together but it's so hard waiting. my heart is broken. i loved him more than i've loved anyone in my life.. including myself. he claimed he felt the same way; but how could his feelings just change so drastically like that? someone Read more...

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redshutters, Female, 35, Venezuela, Italy 6-12-2008

"my feelings for you have changed" ?! ...bull.

my boyfriend's feelings for me have "changed." he claims there's no other girl. we were best friends fell in love and now it's just "gone." i don't know what to do. i love him so much but at the same time i hate him for what he's doing to himself and me. i truly believe we were in love and it kills me to see it gone. i am so angry with men and just want to Read more...

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bazooga22, Female, 32, USA, Glen Burnie 1-12-2008

Wishy Washy

I've been interested in my best friends' brother for about 4 months and he was showing mutual interest for at least 2. I told him how I felt and I also said that I was jealous when he talked to another girl in particular. He didn't seem to care and kept messing around with me when I really just wanted some kind of commitment so I wouldn't feel like shit when he was around other girls. He's been seriously hard Read more...

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