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EveWitch, Female, 34, Ukraine, Lviv 8-4-2009

She or He?

I've got a best friend we know each other for three years and we've been always together all that time; and I'm in relationship for about... like 6 months. The guy's in love more than ever and I actually love him too... Right on his birthday party we fell out with each other all three of us. I realised that she rarely offered her help when I was seriously in trouble Read more...

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bitznbobz69, Male, 47, United Kingdom, Swindon 5-4-2009

I cant stop myself

Whenever I get in a situation where I'm heading for a serious relationship I always find myself looking elsewhere whether it be with people I know work with or just joining on line adult dating sites to get a false buzz that someone might be interested....Since last August I have lost 4 good friendships purely because I slept with them but also others at the same time....I know I need to get myself some help from somewhere Read more...

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alonealways, Female, 32, USA, Cypress 3-4-2009

Absolutely Depressed

I have so many issues in my life right now but I feel so blessed because I have more than most. I know my feelings don't matter and I'm just being selfish for wanting to be happy but I am going to write this out anyway in an attempt to confess my true feelings.. I am sick with about 4 different illnesses and recovering from 2 different types of severe attacks. I have been out of school and only Read more...

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imadeanoops, Male, 34, USA, Champaign 1-4-2009


Last night I had sex with the best friend of my girlfriend of 12 months. I want to tell my girlfriend but i do not want to jeopardize their friendship. I don't know what to do. Read more...

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Ophelia, Female, 43, United Kingdom, London 30-3-2009

Men in power

I slept with a UK MP last night. His wife has no idea. Read more...

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kris, Male, 49, India, Hyderabad 28-3-2009

Quit smoking

I stopped smoking past 3 months and was happily leading family. But today on meeting with my 20 year old school friends had some drinks and in that i lighted 4 5 cigarettes. Now iam feeling very bad of it though at that time convinced myself to have it atleast across the table during drink. I took oath of it not to touch it but failed miserably. I pray GOD to forgive me and give me strength Read more...

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petecougar, Male, 38, USA, Pullman 23-3-2009

sexual sin

A couple years ago I was addicted to messageing on the internet. It led to an addiction to pornography fantasizing and intern lead to meeting people online for sexual sin. This happened with both guys and girls. This is no longer a problem for me but something I am ashamed of and never want to be a part of again. Read more...

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wht1029, Male, 32, USA, Indianapolis 21-3-2009

Gay and Addict

Some people would call me gay but I dont want to believe that because I know the God wouldnt create me as a gay person. I dont want to be gay and I pray constantly that God help me overcome this problem but the sickness doesnt go away. Not only do I have sexual feelings towards other men but I am also addicted to gay porn. Anytime I have a gay sexual experience I feel ashame and depressed afterwards. I Read more...

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