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Shamlessgrl, Female, 41, USA, Joplin 20-3-2009


I am married and have been for almost 5 years. My husband is quite a bit older than me which is fine I am stong beleaver in "age doesn't matter" I recently came in contact with a guy I used to date 8 years ago. I had so many feelings for this guy back then he was so passionate and had such a gentle touch to him. Every since I talked to him I cant stop thinking about him Read more...

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meforgive1, Female, 37, Ireland, cork 15-3-2009


forgive me father for I have sinned it's been years since i've been to confession. i ate meat on fridays durning lent i've told lies to everyone even myself and i steal things all of the time. i have not been to church since the death of my nephew 2 yrs ago i can't forgive myself for feeling so angry towrads god. why has he done this? he tore apart a family and Read more...

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rbarr, Male, 32, United Kingdom, belfast 8-3-2009

im so sorry

since i was 8 years old i had a friend his name doesnt matter and neither does mine but for some reason as a child i was very violent and angry and he was supposed to be my best friend and he was and all i ever done was beat him up and i dont know why. I think about it every day and all i want to do is say sorry to him but i cant get in touch Read more...

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fresca, Female, 43, France, paris 7-3-2009

Doorbell Ditch Scare

My friends and I were doorbell ditching people on my street. It was really late and we thought it would be fun. So one of the houses we got was a girl who i dont know that well. Apparantly she was home alone babysitting for her little sister. I didnt know it was her house because it was dark. She didnt open the door but her mom called today the next day Read more...

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numlock22, Male, 32, USA, harlingen 7-3-2009

So far

Recently my life has been alright. But today i fell off the wagon. I've abstained from masturbation for about 2 months or so. Now i regret that I've done it. Also I've been stealing music. Please forgive me Lord. Read more...

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MissCharmed, Female, 34, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009

Nympho in the making

I really think I'm a nympho in the making. I am addicted to sex. I want it as much as possible and it seems that I can't get enough. I crave orgasms and the feeling of a penis inside of me. Am I a bad person? Is there more out there like me? Read more...

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iknowwhoiam, Male, 38, United Kingdom, surrey 28-2-2009

Porn & Webcam Sex

I'm a 25 year old gay guy in a relationship with a wonderful guy. Before I met him I had got in to the habbit of looking at porn and masturbating on webcam with other guys. Lately I have started doing that again. I think it's become an addiction. I get tempted so easily when all I really want deep down is to be faifull to my man because I really love him. If I Read more...

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lonelylondoner, Female, 45, United Kingdom, London 28-2-2009

Sex with random men

I keep having sex with taxi drivers. It's only when I get drink. I feel like some parts of my life are out of control at the moment. I'm adopted and recently contacted by birth mother. She didn't want to know me. I'm having counselling but keep having sex with men whose names I don't even know when I'm drunk. I want to stop but I keep doing it. What's wrong with me. No one will ever Read more...

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