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johfsk, Male, 32, USA, Rhinebeck 28-2-2009

what did i just do

so i have been wondering about my sexual orientation for the last couple years and i decided to experiment with it. I recently hooked up with a guy i met online and i feel awful just wanted get it off my chest and i now know that i am straight. Read more...

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iheartmusic, Female, 32, USA, Milwaukee 24-2-2009

I lie.

I can't help it. Sometimes I lie to the point I believe my own lies. And I lie about believable things so people believe me. But then its hard to keep up with my little lies and hard for dig myself out of a deep lie. I don't know what to do. Lying really isnt the my proudest thing. It just slips out one lie after another... Read more...

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usedandabusedshop, Female, 37, United Kingdom, london 23-2-2009

i want to sell my used knickers

i like the thought of doing this..and also selling my hold ups shoes .. i think i'm weird Read more...

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betabolo, Male, 33, United Kingdom, Shrewsbury 23-2-2009

I am weak minded

I cannot see through the tasks I had planned. I am falling short of all expectations and i am afraid i will do something to myself soon..... Read more...

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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 72, United Kingdom, manchester 20-2-2009

I lie about my name

i only lie about myself like my name i've changed about a thousond times over the years but lately i've like told new people I'm called different things to each person because i can't deside on a name so some people know me as roy some people know me as maurice some people know me as kiro a made up name and kurtis and Agustine the latest lloll I really want to stick with a name but i Read more...

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hungnfun519, Male, 47, Canada, Windsor 20-2-2009

Sex with Sister In Law

I had sex with my brother in laws wife in fact I have had sex with her numerous times within the past six months. It started on messenger talking shit and sharing favorite porn links which led to more intimate finding out she thought I was hot and had often fantasized about fucking me. One thing led to another and eventually she stopped by my house one afternoon it was the best Read more...

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lostsoul1987, Male, 35, United Kingdom, Liverpool 20-2-2009

I broke her heart

I've been talking to a girl in America for a few months now and we fell in love straight away. We always talk on the phone and by email and I can't see myself with anyone else but her. However things have got a bit complicated lately. She was raped by her ex boyfriend and is pregnant. She's keeping the baby and although I was far from keen on the idea but I have grown to accept the situation Read more...

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anu, Female, 37, India, bangalore 19-2-2009


I had lied to my friends that i work for a certain company where as I am not. I don want them to know this as they are troubling me with my ex friend who is troubling me to be with him. Im not interested.. I had lied to almost all of them.. what do i do Read more...

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