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chunkybeef, Male, 57, USA, austin 16-2-2009

im an adulterer

i try but sometimes i get so lonely.

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sree, Male, 39, India, Delhi 16-2-2009

affair with mom's friend.

i was having an affair with an aunty.She was my mom's beat friend and our neighbouse too. I don't know how it happened.We both continioued this relationship for about 2 year. And after that they shifted from the city and now no contacts.That time i was only 16 but no i feel that it was really very wrong. I shouldn't have done that. Read more...

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Tired82, Male, 40, USA, Stockton 15-2-2009

Tired of it all...

So I'm a great person. I have a great job. I have a great personality. But somehow I'm always second best to every other man on the planet. There are women that I know love me but because they love who they are with more I will never be with them. I'm so fucking tired of it. I deserve to be someone's first in their life. But I'm not. Read more...

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0147852369, Male, 37, USA, rockville 15-2-2009


I have tried for three years now and all i can do is about a week every single time i am at home i get so tempted. I pray that this time will be my last. I pray that I will never do evil act of selfishness again. I pray that you will all offer up your prayers for me. Read more...

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rihamega, Female, 32, USA, El Paso 15-2-2009


At times like these I really hate my self. I think the only times I am truly happy is within my sleep. I find myself withdrawing into myself more and more. I just get on my bike and ride till I think that I am borderlining on empty gas or I just plug into my music and wait for the school days to end. I believe it's just because I don't like myself. I don't like how I look Read more...

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gant56, Male, 33, United Kingdom, london 14-2-2009

Witholding the truth.

I met a girl on the net from the US. i have managed to get in the states twice to see her. she knows i am an ex junkie but not that i have been to jail and been done for shoplifting twice it would come out if i got married as she wants to do. I love her and as i have a little willy and she doesn't mind i would like to be with her Read more...

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lonely, Female, 32, USA, Albuquerque 12-2-2009

I dont know what to do?

Last fall I met the love of my life. Everything was so perfect I loved him almost from the day I saw his picture. We met online and started having cybersex but we talked too and we were about to meet when my grandpa died. When everything was going on with my family his phone got cut off because he was running out his contract so he could switch to a company phone. He didnt call me or Read more...

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me3000, Female, 45, USA, point pleasant 8-2-2009

so hot...

when we argue and banter back and forth I get so hot for you...I know it's wrong but the intellectual stimulation so quickly turns into physical stimulation...and it doesn't help that you are gorgeous...I feel so guilty for feeling this way but I can't stop. I look forward to going to work and seeing you...I know I will never be with you even if I had the chance because it would be so wrong in so many ways Read more...

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