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trueorfalse, Female, 32, United Kingdom, london 7-2-2009


ive had sex with over 25 guys i only lost my virginity 2 years ago. but the thing is not one of those guys could make me orgasm i only orgasm if im anlone and use my rabbit... how sad is that? Read more...

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trueorfalse, Female, 32, United Kingdom, london 7-2-2009


i cheated on my boyfriend with the owner of the bar he works in. the worst part is that i said i didnt and he belived me. Read more...

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ImTooBad09, Female, 32, United Kingdom, London 4-2-2009

Gossip Girl Swindon xoxo

It was a normal school day and i sat in ict making up a 'great' plan for a site. Recently Gossip Girl had aired and i wanted to make a gossip girl for my school. So that night i got home and created it. Sending it in email to different girls in my class other classes etc. The next day i got to school and everyone was talking about it. They were all thinking of people to blame so i Read more...

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huilk, Male, 34, United Kingdom, liverpool 31-1-2009


yesterday i had sex with a woman in a broken relationship that she isnt happy in there is no love there from her partner at all .. yet i feel bad for this Read more...

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shameme, Male, 44, Malaysia, Perak 31-1-2009

Who am i ?!

I'm a 32 yrs old guy with not a single achievement in my life.I have bunch of good friends a gf and a warm hearted family.From everybody thoughts i'm a degree holder as i'm working with a potential company and earn lots for my living.But actually i'm not what they thought of me..not a single achievement. Worse thing is i like to show off lies and talk like professional in front of them just to cover up who Read more...

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ivy2009, Female, 43, USA, rockville 30-1-2009

i gave birth to a stillborn 2 weeks before my due date

and I didn't want people to think of me as the poor girl that lost her baby so I pretended that my niece who was 2 months older than my baby was my daughter. I am still doing it. I can not help it. I just don't want people to feel sorry for me. But as my daughter's 1 year birthday approaches I feel that it is getting harder and harder to keep this lie going. I's Read more...

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sunnygijoe, Male, 38, Thailand, bangkok 29-1-2009

unwanted pregnancy

i slept with my house maid about a year ago she didnt mind me having sex with her but after having sex with her twice in the same month i realize what we were doing was wrong and i stoped interacting with her which she didnot mind either but few months ago i saw her belly increasing i asked was she pregnant??? she said no she had just started eating more and needed to control she hid this information Read more...

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jessy444, Female, 32, USA, Fort Lauderdale 29-1-2009

just.. me

I'm a liar.I am such a good liar. I talk about others behind their backs I gossip and I meddle. I am so lazy! I would rather hit snooze then wake up with the sunrise as I should. I procrastinate often. I go from boy to boy like they were kleenex tissues use one once or twice and then discard. Oh and I watch porn sometimes and I feel guilty about that. I'm angry. Read more...

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