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Eric812, Male, 32, USA, West Bend 29-1-2009

i want to die

i really want to die. my life has been a wreck from the start. i only know pain and misery i want to die. Read more...

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xseaaanhenry, Male, 33, Canada, New Waterford 28-1-2009

I don't know what to do with myself.

Lately i have been going through a crisis My girlfriend cheated on me and she keeps telling me she wants me back. Although she is still with this guy i am still very much in love with her but she keeps it up and I know i should be done with her for good. But to my confession's 1 I am scaring myself because i want to brutally kill that guy who slept with my girl Read more...

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Gibbo, Male, 42, United Kingdom, Manchester 26-1-2009

Caught parents

I was staying with a friend for the weekend Fri & Sat on saturday I realised I had left my wallet at home and we were going to the cinema. When I got home on Saturday afternoon as I was going up the stairs towards my room I could hear noises coming from mun and dads room. As I got to the landing I could see mum and dads bedroom door open about 8 inches or so Read more...

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RandomWords, Male, 37, USA, A 25-1-2009


I fail at everything I want to be good at. Read more...

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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 22-1-2009

i play to win

I HATE LOSING and i HATE being wrong it actually makes me reallly really mad even if its a friend or boyfriend who beats me or corrects me i can't stand it Read more...

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unknown, Male, 33, USA, framingham 22-1-2009

once in a while

dear father once in a while i look at porn but the thing is im not a pervert and after im done watching it i get a bad feeling. Father please forgive me and i will try me best to stop Read more...

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Skeletonkey, Male, 40, USA, Staten island 22-1-2009


I as a catholic man have had my ups and downs but I am ashamed to say that I lusted something I have been trying to put behind me. I was doing well but fell and I needed to cofess this. Read more...

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Hmv21, Male, 36, United Kingdom, london 22-1-2009

bi sexual

i think i might be bi sexual i keep looking at transexuals and thought of going out with a transexual. i have also been looking at mens di*ks but i dont know if its because im insurcure about my own di*k Read more...

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