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usuallymoralguy, Male, 35, USA, denver 22-1-2009

I hit a friend's car

Ok so I pride myself in being moral and not doing immoral things but about a month ago I backed into a car. I was being stupid and was talking on the phone. I drove away and parked in another spot. Later that night I found out that it was a high school friend's car and that someone had seen "a truck like mine" hit the van. The police had me come out of the house and asked if Read more...

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Prodigy, Male, 32, USA, Jackson 20-1-2009

I lied about...

I lied about being someone else. I should have never done that. You told me the truth the whole time and I over reacted. I'm sorry. I lied about the messages I hacked your myspace because I'm so wierd like that. I do anything for this to be all right. I lied when I said I wasn't jealous. I really like you a lot and it pains me to see another guy liking you. Read more...

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obknob, Male, 66, United Kingdom, stoke 20-1-2009

On the tube

I was on the tube in london. It was very crowded the man i was facing kept looking at me. I looked away then the next thing I felt his hand on my cock. I froze so he carried on. To my shame I got hard. He started to masturbate me through my trousers . I did not know what to do.The next thing i know is i am coming right there on the tube. Then the Read more...

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uncontrollable, Male, 42, USA, mass 17-1-2009


i was working a detail this past summer and it was something that if no one seen it no one would know i took bribes for cash and looked the other way. Since then the compnay has not renewed there lease there and we have moved on yet I still hav a gambling issue? now the old palce i took money from is paying there bill off I doubt my compnay will renew there lease but why does it bother Read more...

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emailchecker2009, Female, 47, USA, Rochester, NY 15-1-2009

I check my boyfriend's e-mail all the time behind his back

Since the new year I have been checking my boyfriend's email on a daily basis. I installed a keyboard logger on my computer at the end of the year and he asked to use my computer to check his e mail when he was at my place one day. I was so excited at the opportunity to finally be able to capture his login and password I could hardly contain myself. He checked his e mail Read more...

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prophetic, Male, 40, USA, circleville 13-1-2009

my moms death

My mom recently passed away and I was happy not because she suffered from cancer and now she's at peace no because she abandoned me and my younger brother when we were kids and I convinced her after she came back looking for forgiveness to get a life insurance policy so I wouldn't be stuck with funeral cost when she croaked but she opted to give her body to science and I get to keep all the money Read more...

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taylor57, Male, 62, USA, Columbus 13-1-2009

A younger woman

i'm a long time married man and 4 months ago i started an affair with a 20 year old college student. i met her through a co worker and it began as just some innocently flirting. we ended up kissing and it sort of took on a life of its own after that. we see each other once a week or so when we can and otherwise talk on the phone or online. i'm taking an overnight Read more...

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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 35, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009

My hated little problem.

I've struggled to tell the truth for most of my life. I lied about anything an everything and people believed everysingle word. I'm brilliant at it. If you were to determin a lie from a truth with me I would be very surprised. I'm molding my way out of this problem and its going very well. But I've also had a problem with cleptomania. The thrill of stealing iz electric but I hate myself for it. I've stolen money Read more...

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