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ohman333, Male, 32, USA, staten island 13-1-2009

My life

i feel pretty shitty. I just found out i have herpes. The girl i love knows but its complicated and she likes someone else. Im too afraid to try and start a new relationship especially now i have herpes. Im not in school this semester and i cant find a job. I really feel so depressed. Im just afriad my life feels like its going down the drain and i cant talk to anyone about it. Read more...

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starlightaura, Female, 55, USA, Indianapolis 11-1-2009

Nearly 4 year affair with actor's father to my deep regret and fear.

I feel I can't type it all out again here. I have typed my entire account of it all on http: eerie pomona shadow I will just say this: I used to be so green to the ways of the world so sheltered so protected and so naive. I had an affair with David Christensen. I fell in love with him...and he used me. He kept me Read more...

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sukapunch, Male, 52, USA, new york 8-1-2009

Lust for Sister in Law

I secretly videotaped my sister in law when she was in the bathroom getting into and out of the shower. I hid a camera in small tolietry bag and got a great view. I was surprised to see how hairy her bush was and how pointy her nipples were. What didn't surprsie me is how big and round her ass was! I love her body! She's my wife's sister. I feel a little guilty about it but it was worth Read more...

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sarunkr80, Male, 42, India, Gurgaon 8-1-2009


just ended my 1 year affair with my girlfriend due to her never understanding and always try to find stimulate some point to fighting attitude I can’t hold this tension anymore. But my hearting is dying of guilty that I had played with a women’s life. I want to help as I know she is not that much intelligent and doesn’t have a good family background. Read more...

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Charger87, Male, 35, USA, Carson City 6-1-2009

I cheated on my wife

I cheated on my wife a year ago we have a kid together and I dont want to lose my family. I have promised myself to never cheat again. I hate myself for it. If I ever lost my daughter because I cheated I think I would kill myself. Read more...

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harry, Male, 32, India, delhi 6-1-2009

always done wrong

i cant tell my parents that i have no interest in studies rather i get less marks but they have faith that i will do some thing . i can assure that i most intelligent student but i am nothing but a embarrassment and a tank full of tensions i did nothing right in my life that all i want to say Read more...

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chrisparks, Male, 33, United Kingdom, Cardiff 1-1-2009

for hating myself, i'm running away.

i'm running away I hate how I let my alter ego my devil if you may control my activities. I hate what i've become. I have no self or physical respect. Tonight I drove to a local woods and let a total stranger suck me off and another stanger watch the irony is i'm not even gay how could I let myself become so wreckless and selfish whats wrong with me. I'm Read more...

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lucky60452, Female, 37, USA, DC 1-1-2009

I encouraged my friend to cheat on his wife with me

Two friends of mine just got married this summer and the husband P is a BIG FLIRT. There have been multiple occasions when he's been very touchy feely and all that jazz even in the presend of his wife M . Well I had friends over for a New Years party and P and M were there. We were all very very drunk and I was lying in my bed with P and Read more...

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