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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 31-12-2008

i like it ruff

i LOVE ruff sex i like to be held down bitten hit a little and chocked it really turns me on Read more...

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confusedlad, Male, 37, India, India 29-12-2008

Lied lying

I started smoking and drinking alcohol which is a SIN in my religion since 15 years old and till now i act as if i dont smoke and drink. I have quit smoking and its been 4 weeks. But i do drink average 2 time per month Read more...

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confusedlad, Male, 37, India, India 29-12-2008

Love but feels advantage

I must say i loved my ex to my core of heart sometimes when we both were doing great But I always have and had guilt about pulling Small girl 15yrs when i proposed into love and taking advantage of innocence. Only satisfication is that i wanted to be a family with her but seeing her parents and her views on freedom and her inability to get a job . I left her to get Read more...

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confusedlad, Male, 37, India, India 29-12-2008


I just cant stop watching females I am always looking for what i can see which is hidden its so not good.. I hate myself doing this but just cannot stop it. Everytime a Female moves by i just look at what my mind feels is best on the girl for me Read more...

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vivi84, Female, 38, Australia, Liverpool 27-12-2008

Good Friends are hard to find

Is it a sin to want to help a friend or to believe in them fully even when you know its hopeless because it won't change anything. I have been working my butt off helping my Aunty with the my parents cafe for 2 years and also helping and trying to be a good friend to one of my friends that work there but it just feels when i try my best to she throws right back and she's Read more...

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diffred, Male, 43, India, mum 27-12-2008

got into an unwated argument

i have always been a person who always avoided a fight or any other kind or arguments with a stranger over anything. 2 days back i was ustet about some thing and as i was facing some probelms due to work pressure . i already had a bad day and was just handing out alone at a eatery just thinking to work out a way out of the present problem. gradually Read more...

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formerlyypretty, Female, 33, USA, Pittsburgh 24-12-2008

Annoyance with the future sister-in-law

My boyfriend's parents claim they really like me. My boyfriend's brother has this annoying ass girlfriend who steals the spotlight and whines and complains over EVERYTHING. She gets her way no matter what. Not only that but she's slept with over 10 guys is a druggie and possibly cheats on my boyfriend's brother while they're apart on weekdays during college. She stole all my friends away from me with her obnoxiousness and never ending demands. Everybody thinks Read more...

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sugarpunk, Female, 33, USA, Miami 23-12-2008

im outta control

im only 18 bt ive been with more people than i can count i get totally out of control when i drink and usually end up being with half of the people frm the bar or club im in. ive been with guys girls done threesome w ppl i dont know nd the feeling of 'what the **** did i do last night" is horribly familiar to me it makes me mad cuz its because of this that i Read more...

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