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SURVIVALsp1, Male, 31, USA, Fullerton 19-12-2008


Now I'm not a religious man. No not at all. I've hated the feuds between them and what they claim to do but don't. But it is at a time like this where I just want someone to listen. I just don't what to do anymore in school that is. I have a brilliant mind with a great potential. I'm an up and coming computer programmer. I have this passion for coding Read more...

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deeplysorry, Female, 34, United Kingdom, england 19-12-2008

I sorry my boyfriend. you are amazing.

I sorry my boyfriend. you are amazing. you live far away becasue of work and thats why we have had a long distance relationship. but today i went on to craigslist on the personal area to look for a friend. but i found this guy and we emailed today and we ended up meeting tonight to just meet and we talked for about an hour and half and then i went out to his car to wait for my ride Read more...

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danny80, Male, 41, United Kingdom, london 16-12-2008


While snooping i found nude and sexual pictures of my stepmom i copied them to my hard drive and cant stop looking at them she is 50 and i would never have dreamed she would be doing some of the things she is in the pictures. Ever since i have been fantasizing about her and have even put the pictures online for others to see. I feel bad about this but it turns me on thinking about loads Read more...

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Jesuslover, Female, 32, USA, Florida 16-12-2008


My friend is being really mean and I can't help it is because she is in cali with her friends and I had a cussing problem before coming to Jesus but now I have just started cussing again because she made me angry and I know that is not the way to go through life but it is a habbit. Any tips on breaking it? Read more...

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platinum5585, Female, 37, USA, oakland 10-12-2008

i cheated

my moms friend gave me some unsigned doctors notes and ive been using it. One of my professors caught on today. I'm afraid i'll get kicked outta school. Read more...

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lainey68, Female, 54, USA, La Plata 10-12-2008

Same old story

I want to have sex with my boss. He's annoying and a jerk but I like driven smart men. Oh yeah he's also married. It's totally wrong because I'm a Christian. A Christian with needs. But I won't do a married man. I do have my standards. Technically I can't even fantasize about him because that is basically the same as having an affair according to the Bible. And according to me. So Read more...

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guilty, Male, 52, USA, AR 8-12-2008


I kissed another woman while on a trip without my wife. I feel guilty and ashamed. Read more...

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rohis, Male, 45, India, delhi 8-12-2008


i had a one night kind affair two years since i plan to get married it really scares me should i let my to be wife know of this before hand and i really scare of me do i realy need to tell her before or what should i do i am confused utterly..... Read more...

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