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melonface, Female, 32, USA, Birmingham 30-6-2009

My Best Friend & I.

My best friend and I are very close... like sisters. A couple nights ago we had a sleepover at her house... I fingered her. It was... really fun. We're 14 and both have boyfriends. She wants me to do it again and I want to too. Earlier today before I left her house we were watching a movie and she started sucking my ear... I climbed in her lap and touched her through her soffe shorts and sucked Read more...

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icryundermyskin, Female, 31, Philippines, davao 28-6-2009

no boyfriend since birth....what's wrong with me?

i know a lot of people can relate to this but i can't help this feeling of being left behind by my friends or classmates. i'm in college already and still don't have any experience of having a bf... i can't help but get jealous when my friends talk about their dates and how wonderful their bf is...i keep on asking myself what is it that they have that i don't have?...why do some people who just broke up with Read more...

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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 72, United Kingdom, manchester 27-6-2009

I am vain and selfish

I am a total snob I never think of anyone else but myself and only if it involves me will I do something that is for others. I've always classed myself as better than most people because I am posh and I talk nicely and I don't swear all the time or use the normal teenage slang and I dress nicely I don't wear tracksuits and t shirts and ripped jeans I don't get why people deliberately wear Read more...

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CantLetGo, Female, 43, Australia, Melbourne 26-6-2009

Michael Jackson regret

I confess to be a closet Michael Jackson fan and will always regret that i never got to see him perform. RIP Michael. Read more...

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feelbad009, Male, 35, Canada, Orono 20-6-2009


I have been bullied all my life and I always fought it and stuck up for what is right but then I met a friend. I found him annoying so I didn't hang around with him though he thought we were good friends so everytime I would to make plans with someone and he was right there I had to invite him. I then thought that instead of telling him to stop hanging around Read more...

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itsalwaysgoingabeyou, Female, 33, USA, new york 19-6-2009

never wish

i would never wish my dad dead.. but hes sick and not doing good if anything happens to him im GONE there aint a chance in hell ill stay in this house with these people with out him!! Read more...

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itsalwaysgoingabeyou, Female, 33, USA, new york 19-6-2009


me and this girl have been bestfriends for like 3 years we got to where we did everything together and were inseperable.. i started messin up drugs and sex but she was right there with me on everything. then one day i got in some trouble at school and my mom came up to the school and my friend stopped her and told her everything i had been doing.. got me in some MAJOR trouble so Read more...

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itsalwaysgoingabeyou, Female, 33, USA, new york 19-6-2009


i live in a house with my mom dad older sister and brother.. i completly hate my mom.. shes never home and she only cares bout her self im jus soo feed up with it.. i dont like my sister because she soo freakin "prefect" it jus pisses me off ive spent soo long tryin to be just like her or as good as her that i dont care anymore.. im scared to death of my brother because hes a Read more...

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